Steve Dubczuk founded his practice in January 1997 to provide a personal, client-focused approach to architecture.
He began his career in London with a large international architectural firm as a graduate architect. Steve returned to Perth in 1976 to commence a continuous twenty year period with a large firm as an architect and in a short time was promoted to senior architect. Within six years he had been further promoted to associate in charge of design and during the last ten years he was director in charge of design.
The practice of Steve Dubczuk Architect has the core principles of appropriate project-specific innovative design solutions through a consistent design approach and philosophy. Sustainable design results from a thoughtful response to budget, timing, brief, site and context.


Appropriate commodity, firmness & delight.
Steve Dubczuk designs from a humanist position, and is concerned that his architecture / interiors are based firmly in the appropriate culture, time, climate and place : that the work be appropriate to the client’s brief and budget.
Consequently, this requires a different set of ideas to be applied to each project because of variations in circumstances, context and function. The design may be in an ordered (classical) or a picturesque (romantic) mode. The expression being modern or historical or hi-tech, depending on the particular aims of each project. There is no “house style” that predetermines and restricts the design process.
Materials, building technology and construction techniques are chosen to suit the program, brief and budget.
In each project, a strong central idea (that emerges from analysis of the brief) is the theme or ordering device that underlines the design.
Flexibility of design approach, permits a total response to the client’s brief requirements, subsequent refinement or changes in program, and meeting set budget and time targets.
There is a consistent concern for space and light : the surface and interiors of the building, in light, defining space : reflected, diffused and filtered. Light, both natural and artificial, bringing distinct characteristics to the interior spaces in the day and different characteristics in the night.
Energy efficiency, passive solar design principles, ecologically sustainable design principles and maintenance minimisation stategies are followed.
Australianess with appropriate historical references, is tempered by European background and traditions to suit subtle regional qualities.
Steve Dubczuk has founded his architectural practice on his experience since 1974 and in the provision of a personal service - through direct and continuous involvement in each project, from initial client contact through all phases of the building process and continuing after the handover of the works.
The client is central to this service.


Steve Dubczuk

Principal | Project Co-ordinator & Leader | Designer | Contract Administrator
Associate of the Australian Institute of Architects
Member of Association of Consulting Architects
Associateship in Architecture at W.A.I.T. 1974 (Curtin University)
Architect registered since 1975 in Western Australia, No. 776
Board Member of Headwest Inc. 1996 – 2008, former vice-chairman.

Principal: Steve Dubczuk Architect Pty Ltd. 1997 - Present
Director: White Dundas Architects Pty Ltd. 1989 - 1996
Associate: White Dundas Architects Pty Ltd. 1980 - 1989
Architect: White Winning Partnership. 1975 - 1979
Architect: Whiting Associates, London. 1975 - 1976
Architect: Oldham Boas, Ednie-Brown & Partners. 1974 - 1975
Architectural Student: Studio of Iwanoff. 1969 - 1973

Overseas and Australian architectural study tours: 1975/76, 1986, 1990/91, 1997/98, 1999/2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Gloria Dubczuk

Draftswoman | Quality Representative | Researcher | Office Manager
Director: Steve Dubczuk Architect Pty Ltd, Company secretary, Administration, Drafting, Interiors, Landscaping, QA, Accounts. 1997 - Present
Quality Assurance Representative: Burgtec Australasia Pty Ltd. manufacturer of seating and desk systems. Design and Manufacture to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. GECA Accreditation. 1981 - Present
Cartographic Draftswoman: Perth City Planning Department. 1977 - 1980
Engineering Draftswoman: G A Pfleiderer GmbH, Neumarkt i. d. Opf, West Germany. 1974 -1976
Cartographic Draftswoman: Town Planning Department / MRPA. 1971 -1973

Certificate of Art and Design | Carine TAFE - 1996
Certificate in Design & Manufacture | Bentley TAFE - 1984
Certificate in Cartography | Wembley TAFE - 1973
Fluent in written and spoken German language.